Friday, March 09, 2007

I don't know to what extent I even actually HAVE readers on this blog, but if there are any out there, you probably think I dropped dead. I didn't, of course, but I have had some big distractions since my last posting.

Most recently, we took my Mom to a cardiologist on Tuesday because she had flunked her stress test a few weeks ago. (About the time of my last post, actually.) The cardiologist ordered a cardiac catheterization. She needed to go to the hospital the next day for her pre-admittance testing, and my sister was already scheduled to work that day, so I drove back to Zanesville on Wednesday (yes, the day of the snowstorm) to take her for a couple hours of tests. Then I drove back over after church choir Wednesday night to spend the night, as we had to be at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The procedure went well and Mom seemed strong and fine afterward. It showed two major arteries are blocked 50 to 60%, and the one at the back of her heart is blocked 90%. They don't do bypasses or angioplasty or anything unless it is at least 70% blocked, so they will let the first two ride. And the one at the back of the heart is too hard to get to and too small a vein to be easily treated, so they will let that one ride, too. The doctor prescribed a beta blocker for her and said he will clear her for her back surgery. (That was the start of all this -- she is in pain and needs back surgery.)

So it was a largely positive outcome, except that now we know Mom is at risk for a heart attack. The beta blocker may help reduce some of that blockage, plus now we know to respond quickly to any signs of potential heart trouble. And the woman is 82 years old -- we were only kidding ourselves if we ever thought she WASN'T at risk for a heart attack. It's just a little disturbing being told that she is, somehow.

I have noticed as I've gone with her to all these appointments, the medical community actually treats her with a certain respect. (Amazing, huh?) I can see in their eyes and hear in their voices that they are impressed with what a tough, active little lady she is, and they really want to see her do well. It's quite uplifting, actually.

Last week had its excitements, too. Sam was off school Thursday and Friday, and while he went for neuropsychological tests each morning, we also went to a movie and tried to fit in fun stuff around the testing. He had a friend over for a sleepover, among other things. Christmas break had been like no break at all for him, with three papers due when he returned, so I felt great about him actually getting a four-day break where he could kick back some.

Friday evening and all day Saturday, I babysat for our nephew and niece. Drew is 6 and Paige is almost 4. They are really well-behaved children and just a delight to be around, but even so, by the time I got home Saturday evening I was exhausted!! Keeping up with little people is definitely a young person's game!

Since my last missive, I had an interview at The Catholic Foundation. It went well and I liked the Director there and the job sounded rewarding. The next step was for each of the ten candidates she was interviewing to provide a writing sample. It turned out to be both a writing sample and a brief project plan, but that was fine --- I felt they played to my strengths. Based on the combination of the first interview and the writing sample, she said she would narrow the field and have the remaining candidates come in for a second interview. I received a call Wednesday inviting me in next week for a second interview. So if you're reading this, then send me prayers and/or positive energy next Friday morning!

I also have an interview Monday with a place called Mapsys. I don't know much about them yet -- I still have to do my research. I never sent my resume to them -- a friend forwarded it to someone she knew there on my behalf, and that's where the contact came from. It sounds like more of a pure sales job than I think I want, but it is such a thrill to have someone seek you out that I didn't turn down the interview. After all, you never really know!

After all that driving to and from Z'ville this week, I am really looking forward to hanging out at home this weekend. I have some freelance work that needs my attention from a friend's sole proprietorship, and I'm at the point that just sitting and working on it will be a delight. In between spending some quality time with Bob and Sam, of course.

I'll try not to wait three weeks before I post again!

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