Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayers and politics and prose and posts

This is the only evening this week with no real plans, so I feel a little at loose ends. But among the random things filling my mind:
  • A close friend who is involved in prison ministry posts that the man she has been ministering to on death row has been denied all final appeals and will be executed tomorrow. She has poured so much into this case and I know her heart is breaking. I can't begin to say how much I admire the strength it takes to minister in these circumstances.
  • Warren just went out to pick up his friend Terrell, who is coming over so the two can write music. Warren and Terrell together always make me smile. 
  • I am totally looking forward to having a few days with Sam at Thanksgiving break!!!
  • The Church wisely asked our children's choir director, who has assisted the last two music directors, to step in as interim director of music until the uncertainty is resolved about our pastor. That is a great blessing – she will keep things stable and just finish prepping the stuff we've been working on for Christmas. Anyone new would have introduced more drama, no matter how well intentioned they may have been.  Singing in the choir is about the only activity I do just for the sheer joy of it, and I am grateful that it appears to have the potential to remain a source of joy through the holidays.
  • Long story behind the reasons, but I've been asked to help review Mass settings in preparation to add a new one to our repertoire. It's been kind of fun listening to recordings and passing along snarky comments about many of them. And hearing a few that are pleasant, too.
  • At our office today, three new employees started work. We have only about 80 people statewide, and probably not over 50 in the Columbus office. So three new ones at once is kind of momentous. But it makes sense if you know our fiscal year started October 1 – meaning, that's when a new year's budget became available. Add in the time to post a job, interview, and hire and it takes you to about.....November 12th.
  • It has been blissful to have an end to the political ads and phone calls. I have been saddened, though, that some of my Facebook friends who used to post about things I enjoyed and shared with them are still on their political rants. I am hoping they will soon find it in their hearts to return to writing about things they like rather than things they hate. (I don't care which political party they hate – I just find hate unattractive.)
  • One of my very favorite authors, Margaret Maron, has a new book coming out November 20. I am counting down the days!!! Inexplicably, I have not yet purchased J.K. Rowling's new book, though I am excited to read it.
  • After a brief respite of a few months, my prayer list is full to the brim again. I have four close friends dealing with cancer (one in stage four), and another three with loved ones fighting it. Two close family members have been through major surgeries in the past few weeks. Add in the unemployed and those with marriage issues, and it makes a full list. Thank goodness I also have a friend/co-worker who is pregnant, so I have one joyful thing to support in prayer!
  • One of my friends is using a “Ten Things Tuesday” theme to force herself to blog regularly. Another used a “31 Days of Change” and has used other themes before that. I think I need to choose something like that to serve as a writing prompt for me. I feel better when I write regularly, yet somehow that alone doesn't always make it happen. Perhaps today can be the first day of a new leaf....

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Diana Coon said...

Random thoughts can be the best......keep that prayer list going!