Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wait: Summer break is here already?

I've taken a little break from blogging. Not by design as much as by being too busy in the whirlwind of everyday life. It seems like the last few months have been an even greater whirlwind than usual. So today is a “catch up on the past few months” post.

In a move that sounds to me like something out of a sitcom, I changed my day job, moving from the Girl Scouts to the Boy Scouts. It was just a career move – there was a higher level position open at the Boy Scouts. I have had a long, close relationship with the Boy Scouts because of Sam's Scouting experience and Bob's long volunteer involvement. The work was very similar. So it seemed like kind of a no-brainer.

But of course, change, even positive change, takes energy. I've been there two months now and am just beginning to feel like I'm getting my head above water. I finally have a pretty good understanding of what needs to be done and what it's going to take to do it. It involved more of a change to my daily schedule than I might have expected, so I've had to learn (and introduce to the family) a new set of routines around dinners, when I'm available to help with things, etc. I travel around the state more than I did before. None of these are negatives, just changes that had to be absorbed and worked through.

Everyone who knows me knows that church choir is my biggest “hobby.” (Somehow that feels like a disrespectful way to refer to it – it seems so much more than that.) In these few months away from the blog, we went through Holy Week, with its five major sung services in eight days, and Confirmation, where we provide special music on a Saturday morning. Along with all the other little dramas that go along with choir – members with dying parents, medical issues of their own, our ongoing saga of “who will be our permanent director.” So while always, always a joy in my life, this has been another big part of the whirlwind as well.

Sam has been home from college for more than a week and except for the fact that he hasn't found a job yet, that transition has gone surprisingly smoothly. I'm thrilled to have him home, but I know many of my friends have had a rough time the summer their child first came home from college. Add to that the fact that Warren had been living here like an only child for the school year, and I was a little nervous. But so far it feels drama free.

Sam is hoping to get a job on a painting crew this summer. I think he likes the fact it doesn't require a lot of waiting on customers: he just has to show up and work hard. He has interviewed, and feels good about his prospects, but until there is an actual job offer, Mom is going to fret. The one he is most wants said they are going to work four 10-hour days a week, and he is really liking the idea of three-day weekends. I'm liking the idea of a summer's worth of full-time income to refill his bank account.

Warren is working full time or very close to it at a new restaurant that opened near our house. I'm almost superstitiously afraid to say this out loud, but since the first of the year he has been doing really well. He had a job at Wendy's and although he didn't much like it, he showed a lot better self-discipline than he used to in continuing to do what he needed to do to not lose the job. He only left it when he landed this job, where he is getting more hours and therefore earning more, plus tips, and actually doesn't mind the work. He's doing better at home, too. I feel like he took a sudden spurt of maturing. He seems to be trying much harder to be considerate, and is actually thinking about his future beyond just what he needs to get through the day. As I said, I'm almost afraid to say anything lest I jinx it.

And of course, Bob proceeds steadily and full of good humor, as always.  Very busy with all his Boy Scout and church volunteer work.  Very happy that his golf league has resumed.  Feeling somewhat thwarted and unappreciated at his work, but still grateful to be employed. He and I are looking forward to outdoor fun.

Overall, it feels like we are set up for a good summer, though one unlike any we have experienced before. That should generate plenty of fodder for the blog!

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