Friday, January 19, 2007

Well this has been a productive day! I broke out of the pattern of the past couple days and it seemed to pay off. After my walk and breakfast, I dug up materials I had prepared when I came close to taking a financial advisor job about a year ago, so I can review them and help myself remember what I liked and didn't like about that option. I also placed a call to the career counseling service I had used back then, as well as placing a few calls on personal matters. I am going to a little party at a friend's house tonight. It's a party to drum up work for her business, but I don't mind -- I will still enjoy it very much. I also did a load of laundry, moved all the furniture out of the kitchen and swept and mopped the entryway, kitchen, half bath and laundry room. Only then, after 2:00 in the afternoon, did I shower and put on better clothes than I walk in each morning. By the time I was finishing my make up after the shower, Sam was arriving home.

This weekend we are hosting our Euchre Club, so I will have lots of activity to keep my mind occupied. As long as I can land a new job in a timely manner so my family doesn't suffer financially, I can't help but feel that Dick, my former boss, has done me a huge favor. I needed to get out of that place and I kept finding excuses not to go. Now that the decision was taken out of my hands, I feel liberated. A little fearful financially, but really more that sense of liberation, that the future will hold something better than the recent past. In my heart, I know that I am going to be OK.

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